The Meeting - Part 2

A True Story

I watched her as she walked down the corridor. The way her body swayed, the way her arse moved as she walked, the way I caught a glimpse of the side of her breasts as she turned to go into my room. All these visuals made me want her more and more - to softly touch and lick her arse and breasts.

I paused just before I went into my bedroom. I wanted her to think for a moment, so as not to rush it.

When I walked in, she was lying on my bed on her back. She was propped up on her elbows so that her tits were nicely positioned. Her nipples were so hard. She had one leg slightly bent so I got just a hint of her pussy. There was a small bump of a belly that told me she was all woman.

She smiled at me and I thought “Fuck, Monday morning staff meetings are going to be so hard to concentrate in now”. I had a mental picture of her that was going to be in my mind every time I was in that room with her. It was going to cut through any conversation that was happening and interrupt my train of thought.

I moved to the bed and slowly moved from her feet towards her head. Our bodies were so close – I could almost feel her breathing. We finally kissed again. This time properly. It last a long time and we caressed each others tits and bodies for the longest time - until I wanted more of her.

I started to move down and kissed her as I went. On her chin, her chest, both her hard nipples, her stomach, tongued her belly button as well, and then paused as I got to her pussy.

I snuggled in between her legs and she opened them wider. Our eyes locked for a moment. So here it was – the first time I was to taste her. And the first time she would feel another woman’s tongue on her pussy.

The start was slow with gentle kisses and she sent out a soft moan. This went on for a little while until I noticed that she wanted a harder touch and licks. I kissed, licked and fingered her to 2 orgasms. The first was the best – my mouth buried in her pussy with one hand on her soft belly. With it I could feel her stomach muscles contract as she came. The moan she made was beautiful, like something was released from inside her. Something that would always draw her back to women.

At this point there was no stopping her. She was just as intensely horny and swept up in the moment as I was.

The next thing I knew I was on my back and she was kissing me all over. I closed my eyes and savoured the satisfaction of having someone want my body. She was kissing and tonguing me everywhere. Her hands were all over my tits, with fingers pinching my nipples every so often.

I figured she needed another gentle push, so I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back just enough so the she stopped her kisses. I looked her in the eye and said “suck on my pussy NOW!”

I roughly pushed her head downwards. She was putting out this amazing sound. A mixture of moaning, sighs, panting and excitement all rolled into one. I smiled to myself as I realised that I was going to be the first woman she ever tasted.

She devoured me and the bitch made me come so hard. It was a great long afternoon. One that ended after much activity which included a strap on.

She eventually had to go - back to the boring husband and kids. We met up many times after this and had some more amazing sessions. All without her husband knowing anything.

And yes, in those Monday morning meetings it was so very hard to concentrate!

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