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Gay, looking for Relationship, Casual dating, Friendship

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Aged between: between 35 & 50

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Status: Single


Art & Design
Board Games
Quiet Times



I like rain more than clear skies; I like night time more than day time; I like thinking and conversing more than being physically active (DISlike long walks, DISlike sports and DISlike outdoors); I like rainforest, creeks and rivers rather than country-side, the outback or the beach. I like to try and keep my life simple and not overloaded (have time to "be"). I dislike conservative-mindedness.

I value: sense of community; respect for people's self-determination (no-one owns another person, including in relationships); respect for people's emotional and psychological well-being; environmental sustainability; cultural and sub-cultural diversity; questioning the "norm" and thinking for ourselves; human rights; non-violence and non-competitiveness; creative self-expression.

I enjoy singing in parts with others and find it uplifting and energising. I also conduct a women's community choir.

Ideal Playmates or Partners

Characteristics I find attractive in others include: eccentricity; creative talent (singer, artist, etc); luscious curvy sexiness; tallish and angular build and bone-structure; alternative style; self-awareness and intelligence; compassion for people and animals etc.


Ethnic Background: White / Caucasian
Height: 157.5 cm (5'2'')
Weight: 70 kg
Body Type: Cuddly
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown

Lifestyle & Personality

Languages: English
Star Sign: Capricorn
Religion: No religion
Religious Views: Athiest or agnostic
Political Attitude: I have strong views
Drinking: Only rarely
Smoking: Non-Smoker
Diet: Vegan
Practice Safe Sex: Always

General Information

Have Children: No
Education: Bachelor degree
Industry: Other

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