Naughty Nurse

A Fantasy

I haven't worn panties for the last 10 years or so, which allows for easy access whenever I want it!
I love to fantasize & I get really wet when I think about lesbian sex. I like to imagine getting caught masturbating by an unknown female with big tits who gets so turned-on by me playing with myself that she has to join me, then we stroke & lick each other's pussies.

One of my favourite variations of this is that to ease my nerves & make the process easier, I masturbate before I go to a routine appointment for a Pap Smear test. Before I go in, my pussy is very wet & juicy in preparation for having the instrument slid into me. I go in & it's a middle-aged, larger, attractive lady who is doing my test. She tells me to lie on the consulting bed with my legs bent up & apart while she goes out of the room to get something. I pull up my skirt & lie on the consulting bed with my legs eagerly apart. By now, my juices have started running out & are running onto the paper laid out under me. I can't help myself & I quickly rub my throbbing clit with my index finger to get a little more intensity before the nurse re-enters the room, but she walks in & catches me doing it. I get all embarrassed & go red as I hastily remove my sticky fingers from between my legs. The nurse walks over to me & asks me gently if that felt nice and helped me relax? Still embarrassed, I stutter, "Yes" & to my suprise she gently starts to stroke my slit which is soaked & glistening with my pussy juices. She softly slides her index finger inside me & I can't help but let out a little moan. She asks me if I'd like to feel her breasts & I say "Yes" so she unbuttons her shirt & places my hand around one. I squeeze it gently. It's so big and full & her nipples are hard and erect. I desparately want to suck on it. She seems to sense this and leans over me, allowing her tits to fall over my face. I greedily start sucking hungrily on her nipple & she increases the pace of her finger sliding in & out of my pussy. Without me noticing, she's already locked the door & we both get hastily undressed, hungry to devour each other's bodies. We take it in turns to stroke, lick & suck each other, finally bringing each other to the most intense orgasm either has ever experienced ......
Often, I get so wet & sticky that I have to put a towel underneath me!

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