A Fantasy

She walked into the club as if she owned it dressed to impress in her tight fitting leather pants ,leather jacket and big boots she was the local Leather Dyke and everyone knew her everyone but me that was . Although i had chatted to her on the internet at times i had never met her personally . She looked at me as if she was ready to take her victim and i could see in her eyes that it was going to be me this night. I knew that she wanted to take me to a place i had never ventured into a place way beyond anything i had ever experienced as we had spoken about it many times and i was so curious about it and so desperate to go there .
As she boldly strolled over to me i started to shake with both fear and excitement 'Hi" "its finally great to meet you "have u been waiting long ?? "No" I replied as i tried to surpress the trembleing i felt inside me . Good so what are you drinking ? Jagermeister shots thankyou i replied .As you walked back from the bar i could not take my eyes off you it was as if i was mesmerized by your powerful aura you had this status about u that i had only heard about from others online but i had never experienced it and never thought i would as i was to afraid, but i couldnt hold back any longer and longed for you to finally caress me .
After a few drink you grabbed my hand and kissed me softly on the lips and i started to feel overcome with excitment even more i could feel my clit throbbing in my pants and my cunt becoming so wet for her . U whispered in my ear are you ready for me i gasped and answered you " yes i am " so you said " ok lets get out of here" and go back to the motel .
As we drove to the motel room i couldnt help but notice you i couldnt take my eyes off u for a second you were just like i had imagined and more and i could not wait to go on this erotic journey with you . At last we came to the motel and you came around and opened the car door for me and took my hand and led me to the door of the room we went inside and you grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me towards u and kissed me passionately i felt what i can only describe as fireworks going off in my head it was like something i had never experienced before . You started to ripp my clothes off and caress my breasts with ur mouth wrapping your tongue around my nipples you couldnt not wait till we got to the bedroom, You just wanted me and i wanted you so badly i couldnt think straight. Before i knew it you picked me up and took me to the bedroom and layed me on the bed caressing my body you were in total control and me i was a slave to your every desire i could not help myself any longer . I was both afraid but excited and couldnt turn back if i wanted to, i had gone to far and this was everything and more i could ever imagine and wanted with you and only you . I was determind from when we first spoke that you were going to be my first for some reason i had always felt safe with you even though we had never met before now,even though you were a Leather Dyke , we had this strong connection. I felt i could say anything to you and you would not judge me for being me .
In our moment of heated passion you undid my pants and ripped them off me and started to caress my body with ur tongue working ur way around my nipples you gently bit on them and i felt goosebumps all over my body . My cunt was dripping wet and wanting you so badly wanting you to take me to that place i had never been to a place we had talked about so many times. You then slowly moved your tongue down my body to my groin and gently you caressed my clit with your tongue then slowly you started to suck on it as you put your fingers inside me thrusting them in and out of me i could feel my body starting to tremble with excitement . I could feel the cum dripping out of me as you sucked harder and i could not hold back anymore as i reached the peak of orgasm i could feel my body tensing up to the point i had to release it. i screamed with excitment and started to shake my body went limp as let it all go the pressure i had been holding onto since i first spoke to you . This was like nothing i had ever experienced in my life i was overcome with lust and want you more than i had before . I never wanted this to end ever i wanted us to be here in this little world of ours forever . You started to fuck me again and this time I felt your tongue inside me it was amazing and i cum all over you face you loved it and had told me so many times before and you loved how my cum went down your throat you told me it tasted so pure . Again i started to tremble with excitment as you ran your hands over my body . I begged for you to fuck me again and again i just couldnt get enough
for as long as i can remember i had waited for this moment and i was going to enjoy every minute of it you got out your strapon and placed it on.and then you told me to stand up and bend over the end of the bed .First u ran your hands up the insides of my thighs you had oil on them it felt so good on my skin and it made my body tremble again . then you started to fondle my cunt and put your fingers inside me again you fucked me with them for a while and i was dripping with cum again . you then put your fingers in your mouth and slowly licked my cum off them . Then you stuck your big rubber cock in my cunt and started to fuck me i couldnt hold back any longer and orgasmed over and over it just never ended then when i couldnt orgasm any longer i collapsed on the bed infront of you . I took a break while you left the room and when i come back you had some rope and ice
you asked me to lay spread out on the bed and tied me to the bedhead with the rope you then took the ice and started to rub it all over me on my nipples and down my stomache to my clit it felt so good and i soon became excited again and you had your way with me again . You seemed to have a way to make me feel that way with ease there was just something about you it was like an addiction an addiction i could not control any longer i needed you and wanted you so much and i had supressed it for so long. i felt so stupid for making you wait for me but i was afraid afraid of feeling good for once in my life and then having it taken away from me as that was what i was used to but now i knew you wouldnt leave me i felt safe with you more content with you than i had ever felt with anyone before in my life . THE END by BUTCHDOMME

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