what a girl wants

A Fantasy

Mel had been on this dating site for months and was saddened by the lack of prospects until one day when she arrived home to find a message that simply said 'i know what a girl wants' and a number attached. Mel hesitated for a micro second and dialled the number a sweet recording instructed her to meet at the local coffee shop thinking this was another man trying to get her in the sack Mel thought about not attending the meeting and thought why not its been to long between pit stops male or female. When Mel got there she found the most gorgeous busty brunette with muddy brown eyes and a smile to kill for once they had small talked for an hour then the two went back to the brunettes place where she proceeded to undress Mel slowly licking her all over fondling her perky breasts sucking on her small nipples all the while Mel is begging her stranger to remove her own clothes. As Mels panties were slid down her thighs all reason went with them as Mel felt the cold metal of a tongue stud swirling on her clit as fingers were being pumped into her tight snatch.Mel could feel the thoroes of an orgasam starting to grab hold when suddenly the brunette stopped and looked down at Mel and said trust me i know what a girl wants revealing black panties with a rubber hard cock poking out through the lace!! Mel thought she had died and gone to heaven as she climbed on the 9 inch rubber strapon and proceeded to ride it like a possessed woman bouncing up and down rubbing her tits in the girls face,rubbing her clit furiously a horny Mel then begs the stranger to pump her ass so the brunette drags a dripping Mel onto all fours and proceeds to tongue fuck her ass in preperation for the reaming its about to recieve, sliding the plastic donger into Mels tight ass is to much for the brunette who starts to cum furiously due to her vibrating egg the waves washing over the brunette only force her dong further into Mels ass who now is squirting delectable cum out of her snatch like a man orgasaming the busty brunette looks down at Mel grinning 'wanna do me' she asks Mel smiles as she straps on her cock for her go and simply states well you do know wat a girl wants

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