The meeting part 1

A Fantasy

I was disappointed in the lack of stories on here. So there was only one way to fix it. Be part of the solution and not the problem…

The Meeting

We had organised to meet for coffee on a Sunday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day, not too hot but warm enough for there to be people out and about. Warm enough for flesh to be exposed and getting some sun. It was a great day for people watching.

I had decided that I was going to move it onto the next level with her. For months we had flirted at work. Little glances and smiles. We had been for lunch and coffees, but always during work time.

I had convinced her to meet me on a Sunday. An afternoon for the girls, away from the kids and the husband who no longer listened or cared. If only he knew what I planned to do to her!

I made no secret of my desires and feelings towards her and she seemed to be interested. But you never know, sometimes you just have to put yourself on the line. I told her that I would be waiting for her at this café at 2pm. If she wanted me, she was to be there.

When she walked in, it seemed as if 1000 volts of electricity rushed through me. She was beautiful and soon she would be naked and all for me. We kissed for the first time on the lips. It wasn’t a long kiss, but long enough to linger and make me sure that she wanted a woman for the first time.

We had the second fastest coffee in the history of the world. I lived nearby (no surprise) and we caught a cab. The ride was interesting for the driver. Two women in the back, sitting close, almost snuggling. She smelt fantastic. I felt her soft thighs under her dress and screamed inside with delight as she slightly opened them for me. Damn, the taxi ride was too quick and I couldn’t feel her pussy.

As my front door slammed behind us, I turned around and we kissed. Every way you can think of; slowly, tongues twisted around eachother, she sucked on my bottom lip. It was heaven. I had one hand on her arse and the other on her tit when she started to grind her pussy onto my thigh.

I like to have control and knowing that she was now all mine, I pulled away from her kisses. I pushed her down the corridor and demanded that she get naked. So I stood there in my loungeroom and watched her as she undressed. She was beautiful.

Now get on your knees I said. She wanted me to lead her, guide her, so it was a softly spoken order. As she did this, I started to take off my clothes. And there we were - naked in my loungeroom. I walked towards her and stood before her, hands on hips with legs slightly apart and smiling at her. She was just inches from my pussy and she couldn’t take her eyes off it.

As I squatted in front of her, her eyes still followed my freshly shaved pussy. Later she told me that it “glistened” with my wetness. I took her hand and lead her to my bedroom.

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