my boss i fell for

A True Story

Approx 12 months ago i got a new boss, and as time went bye we became really good friends.

It started to become difficult because the more time we spent together the more i felt for her.

We text a fair bit and flirt but i wasnt really sure if she felt the same way.

So just the other nite we had our xmas party and i booked a room for the night.

I invited her to stay and as scared as i was to tell her how i felt so i did, and she said she had feelings too.

We slept in the same bed and tried not to do anything because of the boss/employee situation but i couldnt help it, i put my fingers through her hair and kissed for the first time.

I think im in love and its a great feeling so i hope all you girls get to feel the electricity and nerves like i did, i cant explain it but totally amazing.

I know this story doesnt have all the in and outs of what we did, but i just wanted to share the love

mwahh s xx

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