Introducing Favourites!

We’ve had lots of feedback from members in regards to Likes being a confusing feature and that all members really want to do it keep track of Likes (your favourite members). So we’d like to introduce you to Favourites.

“Favourites” allows you to save members to your own private, curated list and to easily keep track of the members you love chatting to, members you want to chat to in the future and members you’ve enjoyed meeting up with.

Want to know when a member you’re keen to chat to enters the Chat room? Add them to your Favourites and we’ll notify you. You will also receive a notification when a member in your Favourites:

  • Is Online
  • Is Available Now
  • Adds a photo 

To add a member to your Favourites just click on the star icon on their profile or from Search results.

You can also add Labels & Notes to members in your Favourites.

What has happened to My Likes?

The members who were on your My Likes list have been transferred to your Favourites.

Unlike the Likes feature, a member will not know that you have added them to your Favourites, this will be your own personal list.

If you want to know if someone is interested in you, our improved Winks update is the best way to find out. If you wink a member and they wink you back, or, vice versa then they will appear in the Mutual Wink section on your Winks page. 

We hope you enjoy this new feature and as always we are open to hearing your feedback.

Click here to learn more about using your Favourites.