How to use Favourites

Adding a Member to your favourites
To add a member to your Favourites just click on the star icon on their profile or from Search results.

Want to know when a member you’re keen to chat to enters the Chat Room? Add them to your Favourites and we’ll notify you. You will also receive a notification when a member in your Favourites:

  • Is Online
  • Is Available Now
  • Adds a photo 
  • Enters the Chat Room

You can use Labels to organise your list of Favourites
To create a Label just click on ‘New Label’ under the Favourites heading.
To add the Label to a member click on the three dots in their profile photo and select ‘Add Label’, you can add multiple labels to each member.

Search Filters
Filters will help you find members in your Favourites with just the click of a button. See which one of your Favourites is online, verified, looking for you and more.
To use your filters just click on the toggle button next to the filter or filters you want to choose.

You can sort your Favourites by Date Added, Last Activity, Distance, Date Joined or Membership type. Just click on the icon with the two up and down arrows to choose how you want to sort them.

You can add notes on each member in your favourites for your own personal use. Just click on the three dots on the top right of their profile photo and select ‘Add Note’

Can members see if they’re on my Favourites?
A member will not know that you have added them to your Favourites, this will be your own personal list