The difference between Blocked and Hidden

When you choose to 'Block' a member;

  • The member will no longer see your profile and all associated activity across the site
  • You automatically reject any further communications from the member
  • All winks from the member will be deleted 
  • The member will be deleted from your Likes list (if they are on it) and vice versa 
  • The member will not be able to see you in any chat room and you will not be able to see them
  • Their profile is removed from future searches
  • All sent and received validations for and from this member will be removed
  • The member will still see any blog comments you've made, however your username and profile photo will be hidden

When you choose to 'Hide' a member; 

  • The member's profile is removed from your search results, browser lists, home page and matches
  • The member will still be still able to view your profile and contact you.

In order to Block or Hide another member, visit their profile wherever you see it across the site and select the icon with 3 dots adjacent to their profile thumbnail image.
Or while conducting a search, you can press the same 3 dot icon on the search page and select "Block Member" or "Hide member".

To remove a member from your Block or Hidden list go to your Settings by clicking on the round avatar at the top of the page > My Lists > under either Blocked or Hidden Members click on View List > select the bin icon next to the members you want to remove from the list.