How do I take a break or close my account?

Hey there! Are you sure you want to leave us? We'll miss you a lot!

Take a break:

  • Reinstate your account in the future without starting from scratch
  • Your profile will remain invisible to other users
  • Your profile will not appear in searches
  • Other members, including those you have previously contacted, will be unable to contact you
  • Your Premium Membership will remain frozen until you choose to reactivate your account
  • Premium Membership renewal payments will be frozen until you choose to reactivate your account

You can take a break for: 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or 3 months and can log back in at any point during this time.

Close account

  • Account closure is permanent - consider taking a break instead.
  • Your profile, photos and messages will be removed from the site
  • Your active Adult Match Maker Premium Membership will be lost
  • Account cannot be retrieved

How to take a break or close your account:

To take a break or close your account, press on the round icon with your profile photo, located on the top of the page and press Settings > Account Details > at the bottom of the page press 'Take a break or close account'.