Editing Your Profile

At Lesbian Match Maker we pride ourselves on making the site a fun, safe, inclusive and enjoyable place for all Members.
We review all profile wording before it goes live on the site. Anything deemed offensive in nature, or that alludes to illegal activity, will result in your profile update being rejected.

Updating Your Profile

When you update your ‘About’ section, the changes will be entered into a queue to be reviewed by Support.
Your current profile information will continue to appear until your profile update has been reviewed. 

Rejection Reasons

The most common reasons why a profile may be rejected include:

  • Contains contact information, including but not limited to social media, emails, Kik or other chat apps
  • Contains wording that is offensive, derogatory or phobic in nature
  • Contains wording that contradicts the member type you have chosen. For example, if you’re a single profile but you state you will only meet up if your partner plays with you.
  • Your specified country is different to the location associated with your IP Address
  • Your About section requires more information

Your Profile Sections Explained

We recommend you fill out as many sections as possible as this will help you match with more members and you will show up in more members search results.
To edit any part of your profile click on the round avatar with your profile photo on the top righthand corner of the page then click Edit Profile. You can then click Edit next to the section you wish to update.

Overview – To update click Edit next to your age and location at the top of your profile.
Here you can edit:
- Account type
- Date of Birth
- What you’re looking for
- Location
- Sexual Orientation

Match Criteria - Select what age and member types you are seeking.

Member Details - Contains detailed options for you to select your relationship status, versatility, tribe, if you’ve had the Covid vaccine and if you can host.

Interests – Here you can pick your interests are such as Dancing, Comedy, Martial Arts ect.
They’re great conversation starters and if you share a mutual interest with a member they will show up as a match in the search results. 

About -
This is where you can get creative and really show your personality.
- Tag Line – use this section to write a short sentence that will really grab members attention.
- Introduce yourself – this is your chance to get really detailed and tell members all about yourself, your hobbies, your turn-ons and offs.
- Who are your ideal playmates or partners? – let members know exactly what you’re looking for and what kind of person you’re attracted to.  

Appearance - Choose the options that best describe your appearance.

Lifestyle & Personality - Select options that best describe your lifestyle and personality. Want people to know you're into sports? You can select 'Sports lover' to show your interest.

General Information - Select information about your job, education and whether you have or want children.