General Media Guidelines

General media guidelines

The photos and videos you upload will be rated R and only visible to members who are verified 18+ and have Adult Mode turned on until they are reviewed and rated by our Support Team. In your photo gallery, you will see the word PENDING underneath until it is reviewed.

We reserve the right to reject any photos which we believe breach our Media Guidelines. No correspondence will be entered into. In your photo gallery you will see the word REJECTED underneath.

All media is classified in two categories; 'General' meaning they are acceptable for general viewing, or 'Restricted' where they can only be viewed by members who are verified 18+ and have Adult Mode turned on.

Adding media to your profile increases your chances of connecting with members and improves your site experience. Many members limit their searches and interactions to members who have photos. Ensure your photos are genuine and current and if you want to show a sexier side but remain discreet you can upload to a Private Gallery.

Your photo or video may be rejected if:

  • you post fake photos and do not own or have permission to use the media
  • your profile photo is blurry or out of focus
  • it has a filter which completely distorts your face and makes you unrecognisable
  • other people are clearly recognisable who are not part of your profile 
  • it is a meme, cartoon, drawing or text only
  • it includes a person we believe is under 18
  • your photo includes a watermark from another site
  • your photo contains contact details such as Kik, your mobile, email or social media name
  • it depicts violence, drug use, illegal activity or a weapon
  • it contains symbols or gestures that are likely to be offensive
  • you’re wearing an official uniform such as a police or army

Adult Match Maker is committed to genuine and safe profiles:

If you upload fake photos to your account you may be asked to verify before being allowed to access your account again and you risk being banned.

Uploading illegal content will result in your account being banned and may be subject to further investigation.

What media formats can be uploaded:

Acceptable image formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP files
Maximum file upload size for videos is 7MB

Important info regarding your Profile photo:

As your Profile photo is displayed in various formats around the site special rules do apply:

  • it must be a clear photo of you - and only you - that accurately represents who you are
  • it can be of body parts and does not need to show your face, but they cannot be inanimate objects
  • photos with two people will only be accepted for couple profiles
  • if you elect not to have a picture of yourself as your Profile photo you accept that it limits interaction with other members
  • if adult in nature it will be moderated in accordance with our photo classifications and will only be viewable to other members who elect to use Adult Mode.

If you have difficulties uploading your media, please contact our Support Team

For more information on uploading and viewing media click here.