Take control over who contacts you

Beautiful young woman with dark curly hair smiling at the message on her phone.

Contact Filters for your messages & winks allows you focus your attention on the members you want to connect with and gives you more control over who can contact you and how you view your Inbox.

Your Contact Filters are automatically set up to receive messages & winks from members within your chosen Match Criteria. You then have the option to further customise your filter settings, including the option of only allowing Profile Verified members to contact you.

Your Inbox is also split into two tabs Focused and Other.

The Focused tab includes messages from:

  • Members you’ve had an ongoing conversation with
  • Members within your Match Criteria
  • Members you’ve added to your Favourites

The Other tab includes messages from:

  • Members who are outside your Match Criteria but who you have still chosen to receive winks and messages from in your Contact Filter settings
  • Members whose member type is within your Match Criteria but their age does not match
  • Members whose conversations/messages you’ve chosen to Ignore

Learn more about the Contact Filters by visiting our Help Centre.